Welcome to Avocado Body

Disenchanted by big companies and big chemicals, avocado body developed a range of products that are benificial to nature and the human body.  Our priority was to focus on simple, safe, and gentler ingredients.

Our mission was to develope body-loving products made with plant-based ingredients that lived up to their original mission, never compromising on quality or care, and always working alongside nature, not against it.


Our sunscreen formula is biodegradable, meaning the ingredients have been tested according to industry standards and shown to break down in nature to minimize their impact on coral reefs & the ocean.

The packaging is 100% plastic free.

Cruelty Free

We believe in the ethical treatment of all living things. All of our products are made 100% cruelty free. Neither our products, nor the ingredients in them, are tested on animals.

We never use ingredients that contain by-products of animal killing or cruelly-obtained animal ingredients.

No artificial colors

We believe our products should only include ingredients that make them work better, which is why we avoid the unnecessary use of all artificial coloring agents.



  • plant-based products align with our love of the natural world, which is why our products are 100% vegetarian and contain botanical ingredients
  • in reducing our environmental footprint whenever we can,  we use recycled packaging materials whenever possible
  • in keeping our friends close, including the furry kind, we never test our products, or any of the ingredients on them

We believe in reducing, reusing and recycling. We package our products sensibly & minimally and use post-consumer materials whenever possible. We encourage you to recycle our packaging too!

We believe the future is beautiful.